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04-18-2014, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by canucks357 View Post
I think the draft was a perfect opportunity for PPM to really put an exclamation mark on the brand. The first one was a write-off, something to learn by and that's fine. But, I must say, the changes just posted go against much of what I would advise. My GaS meter has dropped considerably and I will likely only be on the live draft if I happen to be at my computer at the time.
I'd try to be online if I scouted an A. But other than that? I doubt it.

As far as the prices go? I think they're far too high for draft PlusPack features for non-Pro managers. Like b4e stated in the press release, given the frequency of the draft and the cost associated with the sort feature, you're basically best to buy a full ProPack.
I think my problem is what they choose to charge for and the amount. 10 credits to sort is crazy.

Originally Posted by Bulls4ever View Post
at this point for the good of ppm, im hoping draft will never produce good players and be a worthless thing so people dont care if others are pro for that feature.

if it succeeds on producing great players than it may be the end of ppm as many will quit or reduce to a single sport.
I don't see the connection between getting good pulls and people quitting. Care to elaborate?

Maybe what they should do is let us keep the regular pulls. Then they could have a draft every week if it's making them money

well the other way for people to stick is if one starts to build non approved extensions or greasemonkey modifications that would provide many of those features for free to normal users.
I'm surprised we don't have more of this. There was a great greasemonkey script for HockeyArena. It gave an option to see age/OR & seasonal stats in a game summary. Click a button to see that and then click it again to go back to game stats. I loved that. It also added a link to an outside site that would give you a Team comparison for any league. I was very happy to see the Team Comps finally come to PPM. Those are excellent. Still waiting on that game summary thing though.

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