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Originally Posted by Acesolid View Post
Hockey saturated? With what, major junior?

No, I believed the proper word is ''unserved'' and ''money left on the table'' markets. Like Hamilton, or Hartford (who I hope will have the courage to build a modern arena someday like we did).

The NHL is taking none of our money (other then in the TV deals), while we'd give it to them if they asked.
So from what you're saying, from Trois-Rivières up to Gaspésie passing by Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and the Quebec City area, no one is spending money on NHL products? Hats, shirts, jerseys, publicity, trips to american cities to watch games are not the kind of things that people from the eastern part of the Quebec province are buying? Why? Because Les Canadiens are only Montréal's team?

We must admit it. The whole province of Quebec is a market for Les Canadiens. People not interested in hockey (as scarce as they may be) are customers to get. Of course, not all the Quebecers are fans of La Sainte-Flanelle but they are, most certainly, fans of another team (Toronto, Boston, Phildelphia, etc.) So in the eye of the NHL those non-Canadiens fans are spending money on NHL products.

For the NHL as an business, Quebec is a won market. The girl already said yes before you even started to flirt with her. She will do anything to have you. Bettman and Daly knows that. In my opinion, and I agree with SolidAce, Quebec is just going to get diner's rests. When a team will need to be relocated, we will get a team. Our burning desire for hockey is our worst enemy, in a way.

Plus, even though Geoff Molson mentionned that the rivival of Les Nordiques would not be something that Les Canadiens will go against, I barely believe him. Any sport team is a business. Last thing you want, in your market, is a direct competitor that will split the pie. Hockey fans from Quebec are already spending a lot of money on Montréal's team and/or on other NHL products. Any new american city in the NHL family would be more appealing. They will represent new markets to conquer, new customers to get, new money to be taken.

I'm not saying this in disdain of Quebec City. In fact, I'm following the Nordiques 2.0 saga since 1995. But I think that when you look at the numbers and the other competitors, Quebec is not a done deal. It's NHL's plan B.

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