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04-18-2014, 03:25 PM
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Originally Posted by KevFu View Post
Every time someone brings up Vegas, people make over-generalizations like this. It wouldn't be ALL of the tickets given away to tourists. It would be some. IF Vegas had the same sized fan base as Phoenix (and again, 4-team market vs 1-team market; Vegas would probably be higher), then "giving away" some of the cheap seats to get people in the building and hitting the concession stand is a pretty solid idea. Also, there's a massive group of people who'd love to take in a hockey game while they're in Vegas. They're called "dudes."

I wouldn't consider Seattle "vulnerable"
There's a very strong chance that Hamilton/GTA2 royally screws the bottom 2/3 of the league by inflating the "midpoint"
Most the league wants E-W balance

But other than that… order of entry into the NHL doesn't have a damned thing to do with "which market is better." In the case of those six, that order is perfect. Keep in mind they'd enter two-by-two:

First Seattle & Vegas. People kind of expect this already. Vegas is breaking ground on an arena on May 1st. The NHL wants to be first to Vegas. The league looks like it's ready for two more teams, and it looks like they should be slotted in the West (Colorado slides to Central).

Second, Quebec & Portland. Quebec is ready to roll. These two teams make for 34, 17-17, which is a bizarre number. But the NHL will say "ringing the Nordiques home is the right thing to do… and since Seattle's doing so well…"

Third, Houston and (Southern Ontario). Both those markets have additional circumstances holding up the works. Les Alexander in Houston; territory rights in S.O.

But in any other order, the question comes up: "Why add Portland & Las Vegas" and "the anticipated success of Southern Ontario jacking up the midpoint, combined with the desire for geographic balance in our alignment" is not a very sexy answer.

Houston and S.O. are your cleanup hitters. Portland and Vegas really just allow you to get Quebec, SO and Houston without jacking up the average revenue. And they're also large untapped markets (that's 15 million people in those six cities, plus their extended TV viewing areas). Combined those six check off every wish of an expansion.
I am still not convinced at all. We have any clear evidence?

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