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04-18-2014, 05:44 PM
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Skate Help/Insight Needed

Hello I could use some advice in my search for skates that fit good. I have read the skate advice threads and they are great but for more specific help I am posting here.

First off, I am flat footed, have very narrow heels, medium-wide mid foot, and a wide forefoot which makes it difficult to find skates that fit me well. This info is based on sizing guides and our local professional skate shops and not on just what I think my foot is.

Based off the above info, I was directed towards the Bauer Supreme line for it's anatomical fit. I ended up buying the Supreme one.6's which felt okay in the shop but were impossible for me to skate with on the ice due to my feet completely cramping up to the point where I couldn't skate. I did try Superfeet(I always use Superfeet) in them with no luck. Since then I tried on many skates with no satisfaction and stumbled across a pair of Reebok 10K's on clearance which I are my current skates and the best I have used so far. However I always wonder if there is possibly something else better out there. The Reeboks sometimes make my feet numb and the pumps while awesome for my narrow heels tend to delflate too often and can get quite annoying. So recently I went out re-trying out some skates that I already tried out and a few that I didn' or in different widths. Below are my findings.

I have tried on the following skates: Bauer Vapor, Bauer Supreme one.6, Bauer Nexus 600, CCM U+, CCM RBZ 70, 90, Easton synergy, Easton Stealth 65S, Reebok 10K, Reebok 16K.

Bauer Vapor: Due to my foot shape I was not recommended to even try them but I did just in case they indeed seemed to not fit very great.

Bauer Supreme: Seemed like the mid-foot and fore-foot were great but the heel was too wide and slipped a lot.

Bauer Nexus: Seemed to lock in my heel perfectly and mid-foot was good but the fore-foot seemed like I could move my toes a lot more then anything before. I don't know if this is a normal thing or if it is maybe too big in the forefoot.

CCM: Alright feel throughout the mid-foot, fore-foot, too wide on the ankles and heel

Easton synergy: Only pair I could find on clearance were too big but the shape and fit was one of the best easily. Unfortunately, they don't make them anymore.

Easton Stealth 65s: Just not a great fit, don't remember why.

Reebok 10K: Best fit so far. Snug all the way through and the heel locks in completely when the bladders are inflated. Tried newer ones which people say are the same fit but when I try them they seem to fit completely different. Narrower.

I have heard a lot about Graf's being great for flat feet but that there heels aren't very narrow.

The perfect skate for me would have the heel of the nexus and the mid-foot/fore-foot of the Supreme.

Any insight would be appreciated.

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