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04-19-2014, 11:44 AM
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For tescosamoa. My handball keepers this season:
USA Alan Byrd 74 6/6 306
USA Mohammed Dinninger 75 5/6 363
USA Nate Cicalo 55 5/6 296 *sold*
USA Bruce Vandermeer 48 6/6 251 *sold*

No one else was worth looking at. Byrd is an okay goalie, but his tertiary Qs are only 59/60. He could be a decent, reliable backup if his CL holds up. But will more than likely be sold at some point. Dinninger is a nice player, but 5/6 and his speed Q is only 54. He's been in the lineup all season. Playing on the Wing mostly, but he's been moved to Back when I fixed my lineup to start the playoffs. He could also be a decent Pivot. I moved Draper into the P spot, but I could definitely see myself flipping those two at some point.

Originally Posted by EspOrrsito View Post
What a turn around season, after going 1-1-5 in the first 7 games we went 35-1-9 and then 6-2 in the playoffs.

After my horrible start I did have my cursor over the revoke team button more than once!
Hah. My season went the other way I started out as good as ever. The team went into the tank forever. Then finally played like they normally do in the last two playoff games to get me 3rd place.

I like your season a bit better than mine

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