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04-19-2014, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Lord Stanley View Post
TSN Deal completed needed 85% attendance sitting at 93% with 1 home game left even if I sold 0 tickets I'd still have over 85%

Result $2 million in the bank

Energizer Battery Failed to complete, my team sucks and my pp sucks

Result Given how crappy my team is I get a top 5 pick.

Gatorade / PowerAde James Van Riemsdyk exceeded 25 goals this year currently sitting at 30 with a few more games to go.

Result $2 million in the bank

Mountain Dew Freddie Hamilton hit 40 points in AHL still some games left.
Matt Finn hit 60 points in OHL
Mike Reilly hit 30 points in NCAA
Also Lipon, Fast are all close to getting to the 40 point mark with a couple games to go in AHL.

Result $3 million potential to hit $4 million.

Looks like I've earned $7 million with a potential to be $8 million out of the potential $10.5 million.

Considering the disaster of a season my team had, looks like it's going to work out in the end. Despite being close to the cap for much of the season I'll likely end up having $1 - 2 million dollars more in the bank then I started the year with. Also given the Ducks fortunes this year it appears as though I will end up with two picks in the 5 or 6. Now to look ahead to FA where I plan on signing any plug I can to fill the team requirement of having at least two 4th liners play 1st line minutes in my quest to land Jack Eichel..... I mean Connor McDavid.
JC Lipon hit 40 points last night, but I missed Mikka Salomaki who has 50 points, so I didn't need to worry to much about Lipon or Fast.

So Hurricanes get $8 million from endorsements this year. I believe this actually pushes my bank account higher then I started the year with not to bad. Haven't lost money yet since I took over team. Pretty sure I started with $5 million in the bank when I took over the team 4 years later the bank roll will be at $34 million.

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