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03-04-2007, 06:11 PM
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Originally Posted by 94now View Post
Renney does not and therefore will not make a decision to quit payoff push you advocating for. It is up to his bosses to do it. They know we lost key players. So doesn't make any sense to blame Renney for something he is not responsible for in this organization.
There is no such a thing as a tougher brand of hockey. It is not a hockey, it would be a violence. The sooner the league stop it, the better that for sport. Fight might brake occasionally, but what you saying, if team cannot play, let's shed the blood, is totally shameful.
Reading skills a little lacking. I'm not saying to throw the towel in. I'm just saying that chances of making the playoffs with this team is slim to none. What I am advocating is changing the mindset of this team from allowing teams to run roughshod over JJ to making teams pay a price for playing against the Rangers.

As to your baloney about a tougher brand of hockey, you must be kidding, right?? The biggest evidence of that is the Isles. They basically took the same team they had last season, added Witt and Simon (and some other parts) and brought in a coach who insists on taking the body and making teams pay a price to play against them. Instead of the Rangers taking the game to the Isles and making them pay a price they've done that to us this season. The result is 0-4 and most games haven't been close. I am not advocating chopping heads. I am advocating throwing hard, high body checks and making the rest of the league aware that you can't come in and run the Rangers!

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