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02-09-2004, 04:24 PM
fan mao rong
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Well, after wading through this hoopla, I'll set the story straight. The deal as I see it is Comrie and Seidenberg for Burke, Radilovicich, and Ben Eager. McKenzie on says Phoenix is including a prospect, I say its Eager. People say it's like the Oates trade. It is. Flyers take a chance on veteran player they need for the playoffs, and they get him for nothing. Seidenberg is not needed in Philly. They keep Kim Johnsson and Pitkanen and they are much similar. Another player of that type would in the future more likely to be a right-handed shot. And if they really needed a Seidenberg type they have Randy Jones, Rosario Ruggeri, and Alexandre Picard coming shortly. Comrie would work best on the wing, and they will get back 2 bigger stronger more effective types in Branco and Eager. Flyers have plenty of youth left. Oates----I said he was traded for nothing 2 years ago --and nobody has proven me wrong yet. Oullette is not an established NHL player yet. If Niitimaki is proven better or Oullette is not of the Cup winning calibre, it is a negligible loss. No player after the player selected in FLYERS 1st round spot (Martin Vagner) or any player drafted after him in that draft is an NHL player. If Alexandre Picard (selected with Oates compensation pick) proves a better prospect than Possible Flyers picks the previous year, the thesis is clear. Flyers got a chance on Oates for nothing. If Burke trade is as I see it , FLYERS will get a chance on Burke for nothing.

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