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03-04-2007, 10:23 PM
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Maybe Gainey has a plan: My Theory

My theory is that the Shark's GM and Bob Gainey have agreed unofficially to having Rivet traded only to San Jose and of no trades involving Sheldon Souray to Anaheim or any other Western team in exchange for a move in the off-season helping out Bob's Canadiens. My guess being Patrick Marleau going to Montreal.

I understand this sounds far fetch and I have no inside information whatsoever but this is the only thing that makes sense to me. I'm thinking, either the press is right and Gainey is incompetent or has he in fact a plan? Let me explain my theory:

Brian Burke viciously lashed out against Bob Gainey in his dairy about Bob not returning his calls when shown interest in Rivet. As mentionned in Mathias Brunet' s La Presse article this would be completely illogical from Gainey's standpoint to deal with only one team, unless if an secret agreement was already made. Maybe the reason Burke was so mad is that he in fact suspected some sort of collusion. Now a deal of this sort would make sense for the following reason:

1 - Sharks want Rivet and don't want Anaheim to get stronger for the playoffs
2 - Gainey's best friend is the Shark's GM's brother, this would justify Gainey trusting Doug Wilson to keep his word
3 - San Jose may be ready to let Marleau go considering they have such bright young stars namely Joe Pavelski who is ready to center the second line next year.
4- Marleau will also be a UFA at the end of next year, I believe.
5- We all now the Habs are desperate for a true no 1 centerman!

Like I said this may sound leftfieldish and yes I am clinging to the hope that Gainey has not lost it, but I don't know... this is the only thing to me that makes sense throughout all this nonsense.

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