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03-05-2007, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Stradale View Post
NO, i remember that i said something like: "Moi je pense que Kevin Lowe la echanger a New York pour le punir"

And he did say that the Habs are more likely to make the playoff than the NYI, Toronto and Carolina.

Btw, you guys are talking like Smyth asked for a trade, im sure he didnt expexted to be traded. And EVEN if its true that Smyth decline the offer for a 300 000$ difference, why the hell Edmonton didnt give him the 300k$, hes the heart and soul of this team. Hes an 30 goals+ scorer, he didnt ask that much. We give Koivu 4.75millions here, does Smyth worth 800 000$ more? id say yes.
not only that... smyth's taken hometown paycuts for the oilers before... the team has been paying out raises to guys like hemsky and horcoff, and even a more average guy in staos... with him not getting paid off he was told he's not as an importatn part of the team as these other guys... and that's completely bogus... this is smyth's last and only chance for a great contract... they should have rewarded him for what he did for that team... he deserved it... a terrible decision... it will bite lowe back i think... people in edmonton are pissed... i doubt smyth comes back.... if i were him i'd be way to put off for that.

i do like demers though...and he's right we do have a better team than those other shoddy clubs and should definitely make the playoffs

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