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03-05-2007, 11:59 AM
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Originally Posted by Habsfan18 View Post
Well, I don't mean to sound like an ******* here...but it's not surprising that some people from Montreal take offense to people bashing the french media.

I have nothing against french people (I come from a french family). But as for the french media in Montreal...that's a different story.
I'm not saying you have something against french people, not at all. But it's not the fact that the media is french that hurts the team, it's the fact that it's a big market media and that the fans are extremely passionate. That's why I think always blaming the "french" media is unfair. If no one in Québec spoke french, and everything else was the same (the many passionate fans, the winning tradition and so on), we would still have the same problems with the media. Just like players with the New York Yankees and Dallas Cowboys have problems with the media.

The problem is the fact that it's a big market media and there are so many really passionate fans. And it just happens that most of the media covering the Canadiens is french. Why insisting so much on the fact that the media is in french?

When there are controversies with the media covering Maple Leafs, would it make sense if francophone Leafs fans blamed the english media for the problems?

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