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Originally Posted by deandebean View Post
I'm not a big Gagnon fan, personally. He's a friend of somebody I know, and can be pretentious. And, yes, that comment on Ribeiro was gratuitous. But could be that a member of the organisation wanted his rep spoiled, since the guy is having some success as of late in Dallas. Just maybe...
D., I heard the radio clip, and I got the impression gagnon was caught in the heat of the moment and was throwing out a tidbit to appear as an insider. It was stupid,imo, and he should know better. Elliot Price was the host, former play by play guy with the Expos. You think he has stories from the road ? There's no reason to go there. Anyone can hear the gossip if they listen hard enough, going back to th eteam's in the 50's. The beat guys know where the bodies are buried, but everyone has to draw their own morality line.
You mentionned a story you heard a few posts back, over a beer, I could throw out a few I've heard, but I wouldn't repeat them on the board, or if our group at the table was larger.

We're human, we gossip, but everyone has to have a compass, and it was silly of gagnon to say.

I have no illusions as to the guy in question's character, but you still can't say this stuff. You get one wrong, drag in one innocent party and step way off the sports page.

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