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04-21-2014, 03:37 AM
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Originally Posted by dlam View Post
What's the difference ?
I have always been a wrist shot guy cause I can get the puck off really fast if I'm checked
However sometime it's a soft shot

I have been trying to develop a snap shot. As its is a harder shot and it's a quick release
The problem seems to that I like to release by pushing off my off foot like the wrist shot but it doesn't work well
It seems my snap shot works well if I think of it as a mini slap shot and balance off my other leg

Any one else have any helpful tips for snap shot release?
The wrist-shot is the one that is supposed to be taken while transferring your weight to your "right" foot (as in the one not on your shooting side). The snap-shot SHOULD be taken while transferring your weight to the leg on your shooting side so that you can shoot in-stride. It seems like you have it mixed up.

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