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Originally Posted by John Ho View Post
From Francois Gagnon's Blog on Francois Gagnon is a reliable journalist in Montreal:

"Quand Mike Ribeiro a fait des propositions malhonnêtes à la fille d’un membre de l’état-major du Canadien, il s’est fait sacrer dehors lui-aussi. Bon! Dans son cas, ce n’était peut-être que la goutte qui faisait déborder la coupe… Mais ça explique pourquoi le Canadien a donné son deuxième centre pour un défenseur qui n’est pas capable de jouer régulièrement avec une équipe démunie en défense…"

in english:
"When Mike Ribeiro made a dishonest proposal to the girl of a member of the staff of the Canadian, he was traded away. In his case, it was perhaps only the drop which made overflow the cup... But that explains why the Canadien gave its second center for a defender who is not able to play regularly with a team stripped on defense... "


Someone have more info about this story?

Yeah that definitely a BS reason for trading him. I maintain that he was an idiot in the dressing room and a horrible teammate along with Theodore and Daganais, hence why none of them are in Montreal anymore.
If a married man proposed to some girl working with the Habs they would have just put a different spin on a story like that if it was about a player that they wanted to keep in the organization. So it is quite evident that this story is not true.....he was a rotten selfish teammate and he was effecting the core of the team so they moved him....end of discussion IMO!!!

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