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02-09-2004, 07:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Flyers26
I don't know much about the other 2 players involved.
Burke has won only one playoff series, and that was in the 80's!
He WILL NOT lead this team to the cup, and I don't believe Esche will either.
Clarke CONTINUES to undervalue the goaltender position.
Clarke would not have 2 rings, if either Wayne Stephenson or Bobby Taylor where in goal! Bottom line, he won cups because BERNIE was the best!
....Will you guys knock off ripping Clarke?! At the start of the season,Bob Clarke said that there is only 1,perhaps 2 "superstar" goalies in the game today,Brodeur and an uninjured Hasek. Those two gentlemen were not available,so Clarke traded for a decent goalie who is also a friend to the Flyers starting goalie Esche. Clarke is hoping that the comradery between the two netmiders will convey a feeling of confidence amongst his team. That counts for something! As for the goalies that are on everyones wish list,which one's have actually won the Cup? Cujo? No! Khabibulin? No! Guigeure? No! Kolzig? No!....So why not bring back a decent mentor for Esche,along with a couple of damned good prospects,to make up for losing Woywitka earlier in the season?! Clarke is a very good G.M.

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