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04-21-2014, 10:53 AM
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Originally Posted by dlam View Post
What's the difference ?
I have always been a wrist shot guy cause I can get the puck off really fast if I'm checked
However sometime it's a soft shot

I have been trying to develop a snap shot. As its is a harder shot and it's a quick release
The problem seems to that I like to release by pushing off my off foot like the wrist shot but it doesn't work well
It seems my snap shot works well if I think of it as a mini slap shot and balance off my other leg

Any one else have any helpful tips for snap shot release?
A wrist shot usually starts with the puck behind you and a full weight transfer. A snap shot starts with the puck in front and it's a quicker release. I'm a right handed shot, so I would finish a wrist shot with my body weight over my left leg, while a snap shot would start and finish on my right leg. You get less weight behind it, but you can shoot much quicker this way.

One tip that really helped me with my snap shot is to keep your inside arm (in my case my right arm) straight so that you get the full force of your body behind the puck. This will give your stick some flex.

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