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Originally Posted by marioroberge View Post
Last I remember Theo pretty much stole both Bruins' series.
The second one was turned around by kovalev's brilliant play more than anyone else's.

I cna think of three moments where Koivu led and a hundred where he didn't. I can even list them.

2002 playoffs - We're down by 2 goals in the 3rd. Koivu gets the guys together during a timeout and they go on to win it.

Last year's playoffs - Not so much that he led us, just that we fizzled after he got hurt. We can't automatically assume that his lack of fantastic leadership is what made us lose.

This year against TO when he scored both those goals in the 3rd to tie it.

Everyone bases his whole career on these 3 moments.

Can anyone else add to this?

Do not use his personal battles as an example as they have nothing to do with his leadership in the dressing room.
Your memory is pretty defective then. Theodore did steal at least two games in our first meetings with the Bs but Zednik (until the injury) and Koivu picked up the slack
when he was average.

As for the second meeting with the Bruins, it was all Koivu with the help of Kovalev and Zednik. Theodore played like a sieve and was the only reason it even went to 7 games (He was a wall in the 7th game though. We dominated the Bruins that series).

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