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03-05-2007, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by PockIsGoD View Post
Marketing a sports like hockey is difficult in some area of the states. So was Basketball a one point.

It's all about being patients.

California is starting to produce very decent hockey players, I think there are some playing in the CHL.

There is no doubt that this game will never be as big as American Football or Baseball, but given time, I am sure it can find it's niche in the North-American sports markets.
I have no problem with California on the hockey map. I have problems with Carolina, Nashville and Pheonix however. California is one of the biggest market in the States and it benefited from Wayne Gretzky's presence. Luc Robitaille and Marcel Dionne were very popular there and it is a market prone to entertainement.

Carolina is a NASCAR/NCAA market and doesn't care about anything else. Eck, the won the Cup and the arena is stille empty. Pheonix has Gretzky has a coach and nobody cares. Nashville have one of the best teams in the league and nobody cares.

Hockey will never be a very popular sport in the States as long as its main stars are Canadians and Europeans. America is a VERY patriotic country and they praticly only cheer for their own. Look at baseball or football. Thoses sports are popular because they reflect the American yeah of life and are dominated by Americans.

If you want hockey to be popular you have to either have American stars or make the products really appealing to Americans. How? Well, I don't know.

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