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03-05-2007, 10:24 PM
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Originally Posted by bwoar View Post
ah R.S. lemme explain:

verboten = 'forbidden' in German. It's an expression used in English a lot by people trying to sound smart.

Firstly is NOT a word. You can say 'First...', or 'First off...' but 'Firstly', no. 'Lastly' btw is also poor English grammar.

And 'forboden' is DEFINITELY NOT a word. Only "forbidden" is correct.

It is forbidden
It was forbidden
It has been forbidden
It will be forbidden

"forboden" sounds a lot like "foreboding" which is an entirely different word altogether.

Not trying to be a jerk, just wanna make it clear as there's a wide range of poor "Hinglish" here on HF. Don't shoot the messenger!
Firstly, you were quite correct sir. I was trying to use the German equivalent, and yes, trying to sound smart. By not checking the spelling, it made me sound stupid. Though I do think that Mr. Knowitalls correcting peoples' grammer and spelling should be forbidden. It's crazy how these threads kinda take a life of their own, don't you think?

Lastly, whatcha think, Pitkanen or Whitney?

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