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02-09-2004, 11:23 PM
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This, from the CBA:

13.36. A player traded by a Club within the four weeks prior to the Waiver Draft may not be reacquired by such Club within the forthcoming season.

There is nothing else in the CBA to prohibit loans.

That doesn't mean there isn't a rule among the G/Ms, enforced by NHL HQ.

The CBA only includes stuff that affects managment/labor relations. The Waiver Draft's purpose is to ensure that minor leaguers get a shot at a major league job, with another club, if necessary. Therefore "13.36" is part of the CBA to prevent management from bypassing the purpose of the Waiver Draft and screwing a guy like Derek Armstrong by allowing NYR to keep him in Hartford forever.

There is no management/labor issue with trading a player elsewhere and then re-acquiring him a few months later. Therefore, the only other references to trade limitations within the CBA are "limited trade clause" associated. I.e., the CBA permits a player to seek a "no-trade" or "limited trade" clause and the CBA describes how such limitations are handled. But that's it.

Well, almost. There are the designated "blackout" periods within which ALL players are exempt from trade, such as the Christmas Holiday freeze. And that's covered in "13.13".

Now, it's very possible that NHL HQ might not approve a submitted trade for reasons outside the CBA. But there's nothing in the CBA itself to prohibit "loans" made via formal trades.

If anyone believes differently, would you please cite the specific CBA paragraph that I've overlooked.

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