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04-22-2014, 05:30 PM
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My goalie continues his hot streak to put the Atomics into the sweet sixteen for the first time since I started the rebuild in season 1.1! I knocked off the team that dominated II.4 last season. And I'm the only team left not in I.1 I burned a bit of energy, but I just couldn't resist.

The soccer team won another game we dominated. So hopefully those problems are behind me. Of course I'm burning through the energy on High now. That's okay though as I have some extra to burn since I'm all but out of the ChL after the 0-4 debacle vs Obryantj last week. I'll use the backups for game 2 and give him a free pass(like he needed it!). Then continue the energy burn for the rest of league play. I'm using two completely different lineups. I'm thinking that I should be okay on energy.

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