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02-09-2004, 10:47 PM
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From MattG on SmirkrnChicken:
Now if you're stupid like Jeff Schultz and you trade away grade A prospects for a player who are further along in their career path that means that you'll have to pay those guys more money AND YOU HAVE SHORTENED YOUR WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY FOR WINNING THE STANLEY CUP.The facts are that even if the team added Bill Guerin and made a successful push for the playoffs were not going to win the Stanley Cup! Just look at our defense. Trade away a top prospect just so we can lose in the 1st round of the playoffs is very shortsighted.

Matt it's passed your bed time and mom wants you to go to bed, you have school tomorrow! I can sense you have no hockey knowledge whats so ever, but that's OK, there's a learning curve for you in Atlanta.
First, WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY for the Thrashers. Since there has never been a window of opportunity for the Thrashers you can't even mention those words. You can't talk about a playoff dance unless you've been there or even came CLOSE. DEFENSE, your're right, their a bunch of prospective defenseman turn into forwards and then back to defenseman. DW the GM picks or signings. Up grading the defense was his No# 1 priority this past off season so he said. How can we lose the first round when we haven't even came close to a playoff birth! OUR GOAL THIS YEAR WAS TO MAKE TO THE PLAYOFFS< BOTTOM LINE!
DW knew what we needed during the off season DEFENSE and what did he give us Majesky. After the accident we need a centerman/forward and what did he give us, two forwards off the waiver wire. Budget, who sais budget? What is our budget? At this pace, your hard earned money for Thrashers tickets is being pissed down the toilet while their building the franchise. Long live the KNIGHTS!

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