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Originally Posted by Stefan_Latulippe View Post
La Presse sat on the story for 3 days...they checked their was translated by Elena Botchorichvili who covered sports for more than 20 years in Russia....Brunet spoke to the sport-writer (Regina Sevostianova) and she said the interview was conducted february 24th at 21:38 and retype for the magazine in its entire content. She said that she would send the interview by email to Brunet but an hour later, her boss said no.....

Since, Football-Hockey is a credible source (the interview was published there and that Sevostianova is a credible source, La Presse decided to publish the interview.

Nothing wrong there!
Very interesting. This interview is reportedly conducted on February 24 at 21:38, a few hours after the Canadiens lost to the Islanders in an afternoon game (if the time is EST). However, from the first question asked of Kovalev in the interview he clearly states that the team has won their last 3 games (see link below - in french).

I'm not sure if Kovalev made the trip to Uniondale (he returned from injury the next game) but I am pretty sure he must have been informed as to the outcome of the game, making the timing of his purported response suspicious. Why wouldn't he have said something like we were building momentum with 3 wins until a tough loss today?

Could 21:38 be Moscow time? Possibly, but with 8 hours difference this would make the it 13:38 EST, the same time as the game. I'm giving Kovalev the benefit of the doubt that he was at least watching the game and not conducting an interview (weak assumption, admittedly).

The strangest question in the interview involved the reporter asking the following: "I know the francophones playing in Hamilton feel superior to the other players, I hope it is not the same in Montreal?" What kind of leading question is this? Am I to believe that a local Russian Soccer-Hockey rag is so well informed on the geocultural climate of minor league hockey in North America? If so, the we might as well implicate Kostitsyn or Grabovski for divulging this inside gem.

I'd like to know if Kovalev has been interviewed by this person before. Judging by the tone of the questions it almost seems like two old chums are having a talk. It probably made for a good read for those in Russia who lament over the "unfair" treatment of their own in North American hockey.

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