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03-06-2007, 10:06 AM
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I listened to Gagnon on the Team 990 on my way in to work this morning. I also have lost some respect for Gagnon because I am convinced that in the end, it was a hatchet job on Kovalev. To call someone a liar and then not be able to produce the damning evidence is absurd. He could of said that Kovalev might be hiding something, not being totally honest and everyone might agree. But the attack on Kovalev was based on personal hatred for the individual. If anyone saw 110% last night you got an impression of the hate of the person, not only the player.

You can dislike a player for his on ice performance, his interaction with teammates, but when you start attacking the individual you have stepped over the line. La Presse/Brunet/Gagnon have done this and now are producing all this "evidence" to cover up. Stock was great this morning asking how a russian journalist whom they never met gets the benefit of the doubt over Kovalev. No answer from Gagnon except to lecture us on how russian journalists are persecuted and how the Russian mob has made threatening phone calls to Brunet. Talk about changing the subject.

Final thought, I loved how Villeneuve and others on 110% thought it was ok for the majority of francophone players to make like difficult for Kost and Grabs on the Bulldogs. Come-on 12 to 2, it's perfectly normal to mistreat the Euro's.

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