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03-06-2007, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by Kafka View Post
Believe what you want to believe.... but you can check by yourself. Before it went out, someone (who was at the press conference yesterday) called Matthias Brunet to tell him this journal was just on internet and had no credibility. It appears however that it is printed in over 100000 copies and is read by over 300000 persons.

La Presse has too much to lose with that news: if it was untruth, they would have not publish it.
Excuse my naivety, but you make it sound the newspapers/reporters, even reputable ones, never fabricate stories. If anyone has followed the Iraq war knows that the most reputable paper in the world, the NY Times, was caught deceiving its readership about WMD's. They had to publish retractions for the behavior of some of their reporters.

Also, if you don't think LaPresse had something to gain, you don't understand the cutthroat nature of the newspaper business. It's about circulation and this story sells papers, period. Other news sources had the same information but chose not to go with it. It says volume when the Journal had this info and chose not to go with it.

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