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04-22-2014, 10:02 PM
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Originally Posted by blinds View Post
Ehh, there's just a huge ********** against the kid here. Any game he doesn't produce
just plays into the confirmation bias. He's still what, 22? Turning into the next JVR where people just concentrate on the negatives and don't give him credit for what he's doing right.

He had a good game, he was a part of a lot of chances and didn't make any big defensive gaffes. He's one of our best forwards at zone entry, he's great at controlling the puck on the boards, and he's been winning a lot of puck battles. One of our faster guys too.

Guy just had his first 20-goal season and has been asked to carry his own line for most of it. He's still got enormous potential in my book and you can see it in the little things he does with the puck.
I least give him a bridge deal and see what happens before casting him off and potentially looking back in hindsight regretting it because we were impatient.

This was a frustrating one. Bad stretch in the first and just couldn't get it in, blocked shots everywhere, Emery wasn't sharp but I think it was a justifiable decision to have him start...I mean, that's the nature of the beast. It's still close, come out strong on Friday and it's a three game series.

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