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02-10-2004, 12:58 AM
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For what reason, to learn how to make bad trades? Or better yet to learn that trying to trade your way out of a problem isn't always the answer. Maybe Clarke is thinking that if he makes enough trades, they'll eventually balance out the bad ones he always seems to have.

Face it, Philly has so many more resources than we do. In money, in current players, in prospects and depth; the list goes on. They can try it, I don't think we even have that option. This is apples and oranges here, the situations in Philadelphia and Atlanta are completely different. They are an older team with more resources, trying to win now is their priority. We are a younger team with few resources, who needs to keep the basic core intact so we can have the possibility of winning down the road.

Unless of course you want DW to trade just for the sake of change, in hopes that change might jumpstart the team towards the playoffs. For me, I'd rather have Atlanta keep the few resourses and lower payroll we have now so that we have a shot in the future. Much better to me than making a big move or two and expending precious commodities, trying to scratch back into the playoffs with the likelihood of a first round exit (if we get into the playoffs at all).

I waited 20 years for Atlanta to get another team, and have now watched this one lose for five years since. I want them to win as bad as anyone, but I have the patience to wait. I'd much rather see them contend for many years instead of just taking a shot at it once.

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