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04-23-2014, 12:24 AM
Bob Lemoche
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Originally Posted by Dark Knight View Post
Man, I'm totally neutral here and IMHO you're overreacting here.

His comments were in no way racist, but were his mere opinion. There are thought processes behind picking referees for sports that are played on a huge stage (Soccer, Olympics etc.)

Why not for hockey?

Hockey matters to us in Canada. It absolutely does.

I don't think he distrusts French referees. He just wants protective measures before an issue gets magnified.
Yep. Toronto is well known for true neutrality concerning francophones prejudice.

As for Ron, why is it that I've never heard that concern voiced for any other NHL team and it's local referees but I've heard it a thousand times for franco refs and the Habs? The prejudice exists and it's really ugly. Like someone else has said, Ron would have never even thought of looking up where a referee was from if the disallowed goal was to the Leafs benefit and the ref was from Ontario.Ugly.

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