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04-23-2014, 08:42 AM
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Originally Posted by An Sich View Post
Cherry has also taken upon himself to educate young children about hockey in HNIC and outside of it too. So in the same show where he's trying to teach them the proper behavior such as not hitting others with your stick or stop hitting from behind he also goes on to teach them to disrespect others based on where they are from. Such as the many examples about Russians in this discussion or questioning someone's leadership because "he's a Swede"

I think this is a serious issue.
I think the more serious issue is how misquoted he is and how much the "he's a Swede" type comments are exaggerated by people on this forum.

If a person only read HF and never saw Cherry (which I think is a pretty large number of posters), you would think all he did was rant about nationalities every broadcast, when in reality, the occurrence of what you stated could be explained as "ridiculously infrequent". Not only that, the language you use, and others use, to describe these comments is normally much more damning and harsh than what Cherry uses.

Now cue the 12 year old comment about multiculturalism from the usual suspects.

But seriously, Cherry is a perfect case of "nothing draws a crowd like a crowd". Where there is smoke, there is a tiny, tiny, little insignificant fire that his detractors try to make into a nuclear blast by gleefully enflaming the masses and inciting anger towards a guy who makes an occasional comment that becomes quote-worthy to people looking to make others faux upset about his stance on multiculturalism.

Also, have a little more faith in the children of this nation. The same people that pretend to be offended by what he is preaching to our youth are also the type of people who let their kids watch "Family Guy" every week and the most grotesque horror movies made by Hollywood on the weekends while they play music that calls women ******* like it was their first name. In my job, I not only think that is true, I know it is.

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