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04-23-2014, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by habsfanatics View Post
I want to see how he reacts when things aren't going so good. All he had to do was sit back and enjoy the show. The habs were clicking in all aspects against an inferior club. His system looked great, but I still don't believe he's an intelligent man who is better than any other average coach. I think he's really bad, but I can't complain about him during the first round, everything worked, but I'm not ready to proclaim him to be anything more than what I thought he was after watching 82 games.

82 >>> 4. If the team continues to respond to MT the way they did this series, obviously I'll be eating crow, but I don't think he did anything special, but he certainly didn't do anything to hurt us either in the first round.

My dislike for Therrien has absolutely nothing to do with the language he speaks, there are many qualified french speaking Canadians to run the habs. The problem I have with the language thing is the process leading to the decision, being French should give two otherwise equal candidates an advantage, no doubt, but it shouldn't be the number one trait. We shouldn't be eliminating candidates based on language alone, we should put them through the process, if we like what they're selling, provide language training/interpreters for the coach if he's willing to do so. I believe anyone vying for the position has an obligation to at least learn the basics of the language the province speaks, but I think ruling out otherwise potentially better candidates on this criteria alone is a huge mistake.
When it doesn't go right, huh?
  • Like losing home-ice advantage and then having to face the team that passed you b/c of the ridiculous playoff structure?
  • Like your top goal scorer starting to lose confidence b/c he couldn't bury anything against a pair of beer league quality goalies?
  • Like your all-world goalie giving up 4 goals, including two pretty soft ones, on 20 shots in Game 1?
  • Like your power play creating chances but going 1-33 against a gaffe-prone defense and said goalies?
  • Like your all-world goalie losing track of the post and the puck while doing his over-play to the puck side routine familiar during his slumps so a softie can go in off his back in Game 4?
  • Like an odd bounce going to the other team and leading to a shorthanded goal against that already headscratchingly snakebitten powerplay?
  • Like the fact that your all-world goalie still hasn't truly stolen a game nor shown that he could?
  • Like losing the lead in what should have been an easy deciding game and having to calm the team down and continue?
  • Like having some pretty obvious BS ignored by Chris F. Lee (especially), including some pretty serious bumps of Price by Callahan and Killorn after whistles, two pretty obvious too many men calls that were missed (Game 3 and Game 4), and some mugging in Game 4, while still managing to not whine about it or let your team lose track of the situation?
  • Like finding a way to get Subban's game on track after he went minus-2 in Game 1?
Every one of those involves some kind of very careful management by the coaching staff. I think you're buying into the Glen Healy inspired notion that the whole series was about Tampa Bay, or you're trying to find a way to suggest as many wrongly did during Martin's time that the assistants and/or the veterans are actually the ones doing all of the pre-game, in-game, post-game and between-game managing.

And then there's finding a way to turn René Bourque into a hockey player, mixing Josh Gorges back into the fold with only 3 regular season games to do it and some practices, managing Weaver and Bouillon's ice time so both end up an astonishing plus-5, adjusting forward lines to deal with injuries to Galchenyuk, White and Moen, while finding combinations that work, including some fitting linemates for Plekanec and working through Prust's gaffe-prone Games 1 & 2. Other than those things, it was pretty much pot-of-gold-end-of-rainbow-pie-in-the-sky-lotus-land-job-ends-at-filling-in-the-lineup-card stuff for MT.

Pretty sure he slept in late every morning the last 8-10 days, read the paper, caught up on Game of Thrones and played video games on his phone while tweeting at Ron Maclean most of Game 4.

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