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04-23-2014, 09:58 AM
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Since you people have hard time grasping the concept, let me just explain it properly:

- previous attempt fell due to to poor management and lack of sponsors or one sponsor dropping out out of spite/bitterness
- the UCL didn't become a as big as it overnight, it took years to develop and they also went through changes (number or teams, format)
- the clubs wanted to create a European club championship
- in order to prevent the problems of the previous attempts, the league must have a firm foundation, thus the founding members who enable it.
- once a firm foundation has been established (4 years), the clubs can be selected purely on sportive merits.
- hockey is a small sport in Europe and the global scale, it's absolutely ludicrous to expect UCL kind of money, so people should really lower their expectations to a more realistic level. Also thinking Gazprom would pay for all of Europe's hockey is just completely insane, those people haven't been attention to the economic and political news lately.

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