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Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
It's a European Championship, why on Earth would you bring in NHL clubs? Do you have any idea what the point of the league is for crying out loud? The clubs wanted a EUROPEAN CLUB COMPETITION, NHL has no place in it.

KHL wanted to dictate what clubs got in, CHL had their idea. KHL didn't like that idea, this was the result.

By they way, there's only 7 Swedish clubs, since Skellefteċ won the regular season and the title.
I'll try to explain.
The name of the competition is Championship hockey league. When someone thinks of Championship league/competition one thinks of the best clubs from the best leagues playing to determine who's the best team in the World.

There is a reason why in Europe footballs' Championship league is called UEFA Championship league(UEFA govern body for European football).

We also must clarify that NHL is trying to push its version of some glorified Championship league vs top European clubs(only for their pockets ofc.) so if they succeed people might look at this second thing as a laughingstock.

It's a smaller version of European Trophy. Call it that way.

CHL has no validation whatsoever to call it self CHL when it doesn't contain two best leagues in the world and is obviously operating on friends to friends level.

I hope you're not trying to justify that it's better to have 7-8 Swedish clubs in that league than 8 clubs from KHL.

I know, it's 'cause of stability. Prestige is falling from the sky also.

I really doubt how's this gonna help to grow game of hockey in Europe.

Also, it's kinda funny how your cynical about KHL and its Russian influnce in it but you're willing to justify overrated Swedish influence in so called CHL.

Since you people have hard time grasping the concept, let me just explain it properly:

- previous attempt fell due to to poor management and lack of sponsors or one sponsor dropping out out of spite/bitterness
- the UCL didn't become a as big as it overnight, it took years to develop and they also went through changes (number or teams, format)
- the clubs wanted to create a European club championship
- in order to prevent the problems of the previous attempts, the league must have a firm foundation, thus the founding members who enable it.
- once a firm foundation has been established (4 years), the clubs can be selected purely on sportive merits.
- hockey is a small sport in Europe and the global scale, it's absolutely ludicrous to expect UCL kind of money, so people should really lower their expectations to a more realistic level. Also thinking Gazprom would pay for all of Europe's hockey is just completely insane, those people haven't been attention to the economic and political news lately.
Gazprom, Rosneft and all those sponsors. If you can advequately replace them with Western counterparts I'm all in. Whole of Europes' sport is flowing because of sponsors, noone is rolling heads because of that in football or basketball or handball. Only in hockey it's ludicruous and evil to have sponsors filling your budget.

Swedish clubs are also party subsidised by local goverment. Find a sponsor mate. If Gazprom is willing to pump money take it while you can I see no problem in that.

Edit. You can't have firm foundantions while you're trying to be an opposition to a league that is 20 times stronger and richer than you. WHA is a good example.

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