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Originally Posted by No Team Needed View Post
I just thought to say I have nothing but respect and admiration for Tampa Bay and their fans and not just in this series.

I've watched quite a few games in Tampa and caught a few of their games back when they were a fresh team in the 90s struggling for identity (had a friend or two on their old teams) and I never got the feeling this was a team followed by people who didn't know their hockey. I know saying that for south fans is getting tiresome that they have to "prove" their passion to Canadians or they get pat on the head compliments about how they like hockey too! but I remember sitting beside a few Lightning fans with Jeff Reese in net and all the hope on Chris Gratton's back and they weren't Canadian transplants. They were from Sarasota and they were discussing their doubts on Gratton and how he was just a product of the size obsessed Lindros era. They ended up being right.

During this series there didn't seem to be the same level of anger and vitriol on either side. Nothing but respect, even when Lightning fans seen their franchise player kneed accidentally. They didn't lash out. Sure they might have hated the calls during the game (so did their coach) but it wasn't like what I see from Bruins fans or Senators fans. There was always class.

Sorry the series wasn't closer. You have a great team and will be a great rival for Montreal for years to come in the Atlantic division. You deserve more respect in NHL circles for showing how hockey is done in the Big Guava. I hope more Habs fans feel the same. Good game, good series, good luck next year!
Why put this thread here?

I was at Game 2 in Tampa, there is no vibe, no buzz, no discussion about the game. The team had to put free T-shirts on each seat to get the appearance of being a fan base. Go to bars talk to bartenders, customers, you're more likely to find someone who doesn't even know the playoffs are occurring than know something about the team or the game.

They are a minor market, the Lightening's only significance is that they are now in the same division as Leafs and Habs which will give a minor boost to their tourism economy.

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