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04-23-2014, 11:11 AM
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Originally Posted by ps241 View Post
Yea when I first got into English club footie a buddy of mine was a big Gunners fan so I picked their rival so we could debate and torment. Little did I know the team I jumped on board with was so polarizing. I usually prefer underdogs (gjg). This season made me realize Alex Ferguson was special and I am glad I was around for his run.
Should have picked Tottenham. Arsenal's rival and huge underdog team every year. They get my hopes up every year only to let me down. Similar to my Jets and Texans.

Originally Posted by ps241 View Post
Yea that is wife is great for going to most sports. We went to the US open in Tennis and she loved it......loves going to NBA games.....loved going to NFL a bigger CFL fan than me......but NHL she is Meh on which is too bad.
I find most girls will go to an actual game and have a great time. Watching it on TV or talking about it though? Totally different situation.

Originally Posted by GermanJetsFan View Post
They'll sign Kroos and maybe Reus, both for 45 million this summer, go with Giggs and Scholes as their coaches and get back to where they belong next year.

Next year will be even more interesting in EPL: ManU will be back in the title fight, Liverpool is back in it (and will actually take it this year, IMO), Arsenal will make the next step, IMO, Chelsea and City are already in the fight anyway... Everton and Tottenham just behind hoping for every stumble to get in the top 5.

At the end, Arsenal will fail like always I'm a gunner, btw.
I don't think the Man U fix is going to be that easy. I really need to see who their manager is going to be. I think they'll land Kroos as well, but I don't think they get Reus.

Personally I think they're going to shell out a ton of money on players this transfer window, but will ultimately disappoint again next year.

I so desperately want Spurs to get a top 4 finish.

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