Thread: Confirmed with Link: Barry Trotz out as coach - Hired in Washington
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04-23-2014, 12:15 PM
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To insinuate Trotz teams were not competitive is an argument that holds no water. The initial years they became competitive. While not burning up the league they became competitive like it or not by Trotz system. If his teams were blown out on a consistent basis there may be some traction but that has not been the case, in fact it is quite the opposite.

If the definition of consistent s making it past round two in the playoffs every year then I suppose Trotz is inconsistent. The teams offense is in shambles right now but putting the blame on Trotz or his system for not being competitive??? This week the Blue Jackets on there first playoff game EVER. It is just amazing how some think its just easy to have a team formed and go out and win the division, conference and the cup in just a few years. This fanbase is spoiled and expect chicken**** to be turned into chicken soup on a daily basis.

It was time for a coaching change as a franchise there's not much argument there. And some of you are fooling yourself if you think another coach is going to come in here and turn the current offensive plugs into a team that will make the playoffs and make the conference finals as to your "competitive" definition.

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