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04-23-2014, 11:30 AM
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Unique Skate Issue

I skated and played hockey for several years, then took a several year hiatus.

Recently, I started to skate again and my Reebok 7ks leave a painful gash on the outside part of my left ankle where the boot ends. Which is strange because it never occurred before

Someone had noticed that my left skate isn't a hundred percent straight on the ice and that I lean on the skate differently.

I feel as if this could be a result of a couple of different issues:

1. My left leg is slightly weaker than normal (there is a muscle difference), my left foot has a small but normal size difference.

2. I don't tie my skates very tight (my right leg and foot is perfectly fine in the boot, but I do notice my left foot fits looser, maybe as a result of slight size difference in ankle/foot).

3. People have also said maybe the skate has lost it's support over the years and said it may very well be a skate issue as well.

My question is, what are the possible solutions for this?

I've seen people use the heel lock method to keep the heel in place and such. I've also seen the Stable 26 socks on this site as well.

I'm also thinking of upgrading to new a pair of RBKs because the pump can be accommodating for my situation.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated!

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