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04-23-2014, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by aguynamedjoe View Post
Turns out it is a 75 flex after looking again, but I have cut it down quite a bit. The flex doesn't seem excessive when I'm passing, but I don't really get much zip on my passes anyway - I just noiced this on wristers when it feels like the puck on the blade is not keeping up with my hands. I noticed after I compared it to the old woody that the curve is much more open and toward the heel than my old one, so I'm thinking that might play a role too. I have another stick I'm going to try to test out that theory - it's nearly a polar opposite - a ccm U+ CL prostock Burns, it's a 110 flex (which was why I didn't even try it at first, from what I hear that stiffness will be far beyond what I can take advantage of), but I'm going to test it out next time on the ice to see if that (the blade curve) may have been the culprit...
I see, yeah that doesn't sound too whippy for your weight, especially if it's cut down. I'm not sure what you mean by puck not keeping up with your hands, the flex or bow action is pretty quick, even it's too flexy the stick flex should keep up with the puck. It would be slower than a stiffer stick though. Maybe the curve difference is throwing you off, I guess only you would have the best idea what's going on there. Remember you don't need to always use your whole body weight to lean in to a shot, the whippier stick allows loading of the stick from different shooting positions. At the end of the day, you need to experiment and find the right flex, flex point, curve, blade for you.

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