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Originally Posted by Unseenpunk View Post
Why don't we just stick Colton Orr and Ryan Hollweg with Jagr then and they'll have 80 points?
You are missing other factors that have led to the resurgence of Nylander and Straka. Let's not forget that the new rules have allowed faster finesse players like Straka to thrive more. Also Nylander has had good numbers before, he has just had injury problems.
Also if Straka is just a third liner, why has sticking Shanahan with Jagr not proven extremely effective...Straka must be doing something right.
Or take in to consideration the definition of a third liner...Matt Cullen...he has proven ineffective with Jagr...
I will give you that Straka or Nylander would not have as high point totals without Jagr but calling Straka a third liner is just insane.
Neither Hollweg or Orr are 3rd line players, but I would feel comfortable saying that if they were to play on the same line for a season, Hollweg would get 15-20 goals maybe more and Orr 10-20 goals easy.

Nylander I don't have much of an issue with as he's a legit 2nd line player. He's popped in his 60+ points while playing in Calgary and Chicago (far away from JJ) but OTOH, Straka has not been able to post numbers that would belie that of a 2nd line player. In fact any team that has had Straka (and not JJ) for any period of time finds they have no use for him and look to move him.

It's not the player's ability, it's the style that he plays. defer defer defer. Defer to JJ, then dart into the open areas and keep your eyes open. The fact that his mindset is defer means that there's a better than average chance he gets an assist on a JJ goal or Nylander goal, then with the darting into the open areas (never sating in one place to long) he opens himself up to spots that will allow him to scor goals.

I refer to Straka as a bum, he's not. He has skills that I would die for. He's fast, has a decent shot (nothing great but decent) accurate wrister, but he's not a player that can create his own chances and he's not a player that can create chances for other players. The add to it that he's rather soft and what you have is a player that is easily taken out of a game.

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