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Originally Posted by FreshFruit View Post
Gazprom, Rosneft and all those sponsors. If you can advequately replace them with Western counterparts I'm all in. Whole of Europes' sport is flowing because of sponsors, noone is rolling heads because of that in football or basketball or handball. Only in hockey it's ludicruous and evil to have sponsors filling your budget.

Swedish clubs are also party subsidised by local goverment. Find a sponsor mate. If Gazprom is willing to pump money take it while you can I see no problem in that.

Edit. You can't have firm foundantions while you're trying to be an opposition to a league that is 20 times stronger and richer than you. WHA is a good example.
In the normal world (outside the Russian sphere of influence), you get sponsors by giving value to the companies sponsoring you. That means you'll have to have a product that is interesting for media and fans, to get money from sponsors.

The CHL is trying to gradually build the interest for the tournament, to get a solid business case that will attract more sponsor money as the interest for the tournament increases.

The last CHL attempt was a typical example of what could happen if you rely too much on a generous sponsor, that the following year is not so generous.

By the way, do you have any source to the Swedish local government subsidies? I guess it's a very small percentage of the incomes of the Swedish clubs.

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