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Originally Posted by QnebO View Post
Except going to KHL is not that bad thing when its the better league. Thats why they have went there. I wouldn't say they can do what ever and play what ever league, if they went on divison 1 or 2, you think there still would be as many spectators? You're just being as anti KHL as you can without any reasoning.

When we see Jokerit having at least just as "much" spectators as they did in the Liiga, you see what I mean. Only the HIFK matches cant be.. well, matched.
We CLEARLY don't see eye to eye on that. I would never want my club to play a bunch of clubs noone in this country has ever heard of, and couldn't care less about. **** like that is for short tournaments only. My team is in the swedish 2nd division (allsvenskan), and I wouldn't trade what the club is now for being a top dog dominating team in KHL, not even close, and trust me on the fact that Malmö is a team KHL would LOVE to have, if they'd like to play in KHL, they have a spot as soon as possible. Winning KHL has no prestige or meaning over here, noone cares even a little.

KHL is about as plastic as a league can possibly be, will it always be? Who knows. Give me a call in 20 years and see if I changed my mind.

If you cared about football, would you like your favourite team to join Portugals league?

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