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03-06-2007, 05:51 PM
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TPS Shafts

Well i've been needing a backup and wanted to experiment with a whippier stick for when im not playing in traffic. Also looking at shafts so i can add an ABS blade for when i play roller hockey. With that said, an email arrived today getting me 60% off of TPS related products. Wrist protectors, blades, shafts, ops, etc. (PM me if you dont have the hockeygiant code).

I wouldn't normally make a thread about this but I figured some people might also be interested if they knew about this huge discount and I'd rather the word get out around HF before other places.

So, from not assuming that the most expensive is the best of the bunch there, anyone got opinions? I can't find much on TPS shafts other than the whip flex launches rockets.

Also opinions on TPS blades? any ABS or ice blades too since there's a variety of roller/ice players around here and because personally i'll grab a blade for both =p. (i just know im going to frustrate myself switching the blades on and off) Patterns and curves are of importance obviously. So if anyone knows a curve closest to Sakic. maintaining the 5.5 lie would be good.


anyway this is mostly a heads up and discussion. 60% off is huge. PM me if you want the code and use it at checkout for the discount.

edit: code is tps67 and it only works on the cs2 redlite shaft (which is now only available in stiff flex), the crossfire blade, and the wrist protectors.

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