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04-23-2014, 08:45 PM
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Ive been negative because changes in the game have not been positive. Only positive change was the change on game intensity effects if team loses playing low or very low.

you have been not affected. Well, perhaps because you never tried to message every single new manager, give them advice, try to get them to stick with the game and watch them fold because they get bored and frustrated there is no way they can compete. From the 100s of managers i tried to help and motivate in the past, only one plays still.

If you ever try to help new managers and watch the frustrations of having them folding you would know where i am coming from

we are a small group of hardcore players. it feels like a "premium" selected group where nobody is allowed to join ...

For me, id like new teams coming and challenge me.

the whole draft idea was to help lower teams but at end it was just a way for ppm to make money.. Again, I am all for them to find ways to make money, but they need to look ways to make game more competitive.

If one dont complain or voice his opinion, nothing will ever change

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I get 14m a week D2.

Bulls you posted that to II.4 , maybe let your league know as it does not affect us at all. Plus you have been consistently negative for ages. If the game brings frustration then move on as there are other games to timesuck and enjoy.

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