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04-23-2014, 09:52 PM
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Maybe i should go to D4 play and beat ghosts as I earn 14M/week from combined.
so lets say it is 40M combined a week.

40*16 = 640M/season
14*16 = 224M/season

so only from sponsors there is a difference of 416M. that is almost 2 full seasons of my current revenue. In short, every season I play I am 3 seasons behind ...

then tell me, is there any possible way to compete when each year things gets worse and worse?

So now comparing your team, 20*16 = 320M/season, that is one full season ahead of you every season we play.

So no matter how long you stay in D3 earning OTR and thus more money, you would never reach him (or pass) unless he quits.

and now let compare with new teams coming in earning 5M/week or so...
one season they play they are behind 8 seasons!!

nothing wrong d1 teams (and top teams) earn more but the difference shouldn't be that high. 10-15% tops

Originally Posted by Cory View Post
Probably won't change your mind, but I think his article stated his sponsorship offers in general brought him $40 million, not just his general sponsor. I make over $20 million/week from combined offers and I'm in D3.

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