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02-10-2004, 08:29 AM
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What the hell was wrong with Nittymaki?

It pisses me off that this team never has the balls to develop their own talent in net. We have a hot young goalie, so what do we do? we trade for another old, overpaid former all star. All we needed was for Antero to stay strong until Esche healed.
Nothing is wrong with Antero and Hitch hasn't said he won't play again. I mean, if you can honestly sit there and tell me that you would want a rookie with 2 games to his credit facing some of the toughest teams in the league like NJ, SJ, TB, OTT, BOS and DET, then you must be psychic to see that Niitymaki would have been able to win all those games on his own. Little wasn't going to win. You can't expect a rookie to be able to handle all those games, be realistic. I love "Frank", he has looked good. But Atlanta and Washington aren't the same as New Jersey, San Jose or Ottawa, are they?

sorry, but Burke = Hackett.
Burke > Hackett--3 time all-star makes him better.

Radivoevich and Eager are fringe NHL players.
Says you. It's so typical of some Flyer fans to write players before they even get a chance to play here, not including Burke.

All these trades are reactionary, panic trades, that always get us crap in return because we refuse to trust our young players while some of the vets are out with injuries
Markov is crap? Just wondering, have you actually watched him play? Same goes for Timander. He just played himself into a roster spot. We get Branko who is bigger than Comrie and Williams. We get Burke who is a proven goalie.

He is a fourth line player on this team. Not very good defensively, puts up a little under a half point a game. Not a checker, not a scorer either. They will give him a "try out" with JR for 5-10 games, then its off to play with Fridge and Somik.
Every one of our lines is a threat. Fridge actually looks better this year. I like the lines we have now.

I say we have a pretty damn good team on our hands right now.

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