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04-23-2014, 11:10 PM
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and i think its wrong. by season 6 if it keeps that way i would be so more rich than you that it would be near impossible for you to catch up.

and we are talking about a difference in the same league. imagine how much worse it is compared to those on d2 or d3 ...

you complain i am negative too much recently. you should be happy i am vocal, because many people wont vocal and will just quit. Im trying to prevent this to happen

just take a look at a message of someone that didnt even read my complains ...

"I don't even believe this s*** bro like I don't understand why I'm still playing this game I don't know why I haven't quit yet it's just full of so much ******** and since when does 6-0 do better than 5-1against balanced? Jesus christ this game is out to get me. Didnt even ****ing give me a warningfor the first match except that day. Thats pretty ****ed up. ...!"

we already lost a veteran manager on handball. Maybe i just care too much ....

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Crap I am 6 spots back and the difference is 100m.

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