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02-10-2004, 10:01 AM
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Good points all around so far. Every team makes a bad trade once in a while, you just try to keep them few and far and in between. When it comes to trading your way out of a problem isn't always the answer, well why do you think their trades in the first place. Aquiring an asset to fill a position of need. Philly may have a few more resources than the Thrashers, money yes, prospects depth no. When you have a winning franchise you sell tickets and when you sell more tickets you have deeper pockets in which you can spend. I seriously believe our pool of prospects is much more deeper than Philly has. If anyone of you have had the chance to attend a ChalkTalk given by DW and the Thrashers, I can't count how many times DW has stated that we/teams aquire assets and then we use those assets to develop our team or use them in trades to better our team. "Philly's priority is to win now." Is there a team out there who doesn't want to win? Teams are looking to win know and down the road! Business 101-a good product sales, a bad product does not. A good product that sells usually makes money, a bad product that doesn't sell usually loses money. A good product that sells and makes money usually has a great future. A product that doesn't sell and loses money usually goes out of business or leaves the market place where it's selling. When it comes to RESOURCES(Players, Money), use them to better your team, if not you'll have no resources left.
I echo btn when he says, "when you make big trades, you also incur big risks. That is something DW has been not willing to do." DW's is way to conservative and that's why we have a mediocre team on the ice on it's way to another top 10 draft pick in 2004. I heard thru a source that DW was not at the Belligio casino last night gambling with all the other GMs. What does that tell you?

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