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02-10-2004, 09:12 AM
Joe Cole
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Originally Posted by Darz
It hit me as I was coming out of the shower this morning (yes, I know I need a life), if the ref's called the rules as stated in the rule book, everytime an offensive player tried to screen the goalie and a defensive player tried to push him out of the way that would be a penalty.

I think instead of calling the rules as is, the rules have to be revised THEN called as written.
I do not believe that is true (the idea, not your lack of a life , here I am writing you during work hours....oh well ) .

Pushing a player out of the way is not against the rules. What is illegal is cross checking, holding the stick/player or taking a run.... you are allowed to push. It still is a contact sport and the rule book does not preclude that.

The real reason to call the game as it is in the rule book is for interferance. This is where the game can improve.

Every other possible change is secondary to this. This is the root of the evil.

But, this is a game run by millionaire owners. Some of them have bad players/teams and the only way to compete is to allow them to hold back good players on the other team. The owners tell the referees what to call. Then the minor leagues take the NHL's lead, and this becomes the new standard.

Maybe Roy was right, 20 teams. Less owners of bad teams with bad players.... hmmmmm.

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