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04-24-2014, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by FreshPerspective View Post
Per Bill...

Good job Holmgren....

I hope this is the last expired aged superstar the Flyers sign. It has to stop...wasted cap space.
Ehh, Bill's article just makes me think he needs a possession/set-up kind of guy on his line. Either he should be on G's RW so he can be setup for those one-timers or Voracek should be on his wing so he can draw defenders with his speed. He's not going to succeed with Schenn and Simmonds because neither are good possession players. Rinaldo and Hall as linemates speaks for itself.

Either way, G and Voracek should be split up so we can spread their similar play style throughout the lineup and they can setup our shooters. Also get our two best players split up so they aren't both up against McD and Girardi.

Dude still paced to be a ~25 goal scorer when he was playing with a back injury for part of the season, out of his natural position and with two linemates who don't suit his style of play. He's been misused the entire season.

He needs linemates who can set him up and cover him for him defensively. That doesn't mean he's useless though, we just need to play to his strengths. He has the best shot on our team and needs to be put in a position where he can use it, instead of getting weak minutes at ES and PP with misfit linemates. He either needs to play with G or Jake at ES or on the first PP unit. He'd be good in Jake's spot on the PP for that one timer since G and Kimmo are allergic to shooting. Need someone on the umbrella who can shoot, either Vinny or Streit IMO. And putting Voracek on the 2nd unit would at least give it someone who can control and dish the puck well and make it dangerous, instead of him sitting useless on the right side while G and Kimmo play catch.

This is Vincent freaking Lecavalier, he should have a shot somewhere (either PP or ES) with our best setup guys (G/Jake). It's criminal how we've misused him, he can still be useful even though he's not the all-around player he was. Schenn too, these are guys that need a guy like G/Jake to set them up, but instead G and Jake waste their time passing to each other and not shooting while our best shooters have no one to dish them the puck.

Oh, and obligatory Hartnell sucks. That first line and first PP unit needs a shakeup, and Vinny could be a perfect fit for either G or Jake. W need to utilize that shot.

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