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02-10-2004, 11:55 AM
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As one of the columnist in Toronto said either go all the way with the wider lines isea or don't go at all and he's 100% right.

Bobby Smith's idea was to have each line 3 ft wide which would add 6 more feet to the nuetral zone and make passes in this extra room eligible as oppossed to being blown dead for a 2 line pass.

It also adds the extra 1ft to the blueline when your in the attacking zone and that could be a significant factor with guys on the point on the PP like Leetch.

To me it is the best idea I've seen yet to improve the flow of the game.It doesn't require any renovations to arena's and it adds space without changing the dimensions of the ice surface.There is no downside to it other than getting used to it's appearance.

This coupled with the reinstitution of the tag up rule as well as a new point system with 3 for a win, 2 for OT win and 1 for a tie would go a long ways to changing the deathgrip that coaches strategies have currently placed on the way the game is played.

These are the 3 biggest ideas I like to see in the game next year and I think these 3 whings will brings alot more skating and skill back into this great game and with that the entertainment value would skyrocket as oppossed to what we see in todays NHL.

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