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04-25-2014, 08:04 AM
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Originally Posted by hockeyfan2k11 View Post
So therriens plan was to cripple the team by playing like crap while stunting the development of several young players winning games with just one line in the regular seasion then hope to run into a team with no goalie and squeak out wins in the 1st round of the playoffs? Is this what people are running with? Can't wait to read what he masterminded for the next series. We beat a team that we were better than. Its that simple. If you want to give MT credit for that fine. He deserves it. But to act like he is a changed man and flipped a switch is ridiculous. Its almost as ridiculous as the Ovie/Gallagher thread.

...My beef with MT has always been his coaching...
I'm wondering how can you come to the conclusion that he crippled the development of our young players. Are you a sport psychologist ? Are you working with athletes ? Or are you simply drawing conclusions from what we are seeing as fans, in 24CH or hockey games, like most of us do ?

If so, I'd really like to know how are Subban / Galchenyuk worst players today than they were last year ? The team is better and the proof is that they swept a series (albeit against a bad backup goalie), and had a surprising 100 points season (most pegged the Habs out of playoffs).

Anyways, what I find ridiculous is your stance that you're going to give him credit ONLY IF we get past the 2nd round, and you and I know that there is a high possibility that we end up playing Boston, the best team in the East. Dude in no way shape or form is this team competing with a team like Boston *on paper. They have more depth, as good a goaltender, and much more muscles. Again, on paper, it ain't even close. So the only way to convince you that he IS a good coach and did good coaching with youngsters is to win a series against the best team in the East la Cinderella story ?

IMO, he did what he had to do. Remember Martin benching Subban. How good it was for him in the long run. Habs don't need a Mike Green, a Erik Karlsson. Those guys put up great stats, yet they are detrimental to their team's performances more often than not. I'm glad he put Subban on rails with the rest of the team, to play his system. And Subban ain't no Bobby Orr, sorry to burst your bubble. He has the potential to be a great no1, a 2way responsible D that can log in 25+ mins.

And as far as Galchenyuk goes, I fear he was rushed to the NHL and also, he suffered injuries, it's hard to come back from an injury top shape, and he's in a learning process, in no way shape or form you put pressure on a young guy like that. MT knows that he had to put his eggs in the DD basket because that guy is a much more mature player that can handle the pressure. And evidence proves that i'm right and that you're wrong.

Also, I'd just like to add that in my hockey career I suffered a broken collarbone and a separated shoulder on the same friggin shoulder when I came back because muscles get atrophied when you rest with an injury, all in the same year. It's very hard to come back and perform as good as you were before. You, on the other hand would've liked MT to put Gally at center, put Eller on top line, and put DD on the wing or pressbox. Thank God you're not the Habs coach.

Could you breakdown what exactly you don't like about his coaching ? Like putting the team first and player stats second ? Is that bad ?

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